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The Compliance Resource Group (CRG) is a full service employment screening provider. CRG works with employers nationwide to identify applicants that are capable of meeting the company’s needs from both the standpoint of physical capabilities and ethical standards. Whether this requires a simple pre-employment drug screen or a comprehensive physical examination and background check, CRG can help employers build the healthy, dependable workforce that is so essential to success in today’s competitive marketplace.

In addition to applicant and employee screening, CRG has a full line of administrative offerings to help companies meet or exceed their specific industry standards and maintain compliance with State and Federal regulations.

Laboratory TestingLab Photo

The primary focus of CRG Laboratories is to provide results in a timely fashion, while ensuring the integrity of the testing process. From specimen collection through final result reporting, every measure is taken to verify the accuracy of data provided to the client. We are a state-of-the-art drug and alcohol testing laboratory, utilizing an automated chemistry platform capable of providing negative screening results within 2 hours. While our result turnaround time is comparable to non-automated “rapid” test methods, we have removed the element of human error associated with visual result interpretation by incorporating the most technically advanced screening process available.

Urine Drug Testing
-Negative screening results within 2 hours
-Laboratory based testing (vs. non-automated instant tests)
-Capable of performing up to a 12-panel drug screen
-All non-negative screening tests undergo Confirmation Testing by GC/MS or LC/MS-MS
-Confirmation results normally available in 48 – 72 hr
-Result Reporting Options: E-mail / Fax
-Complete MRO Service

Breath Alcohol Testing
-DOT and Non-DOT Breath Alcohol testing with confirmation

Hair Drug Testing

Oral Fluid Drug Testing

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DOT Program Administration
CRG also offers federal drug and alcohol testing services for employers falling under Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations. CRG will perform or coordinate sample collections, facilitate testing through our DHHS Certified reference lab, and perform the required result review through our in-house Medical Review Officer. Negative DOT results are typically available in less than 24 hours.

The most popular package offered by CRG is our DOT Program Administration Service (PAS). PAS allows CRG to act as the hub of your substance abuse testing program. By incorporating all facets of the substance abuse testing process and effectively linking them together, PAS creates a seamless flow of people and information. Best of all, CRG monitors the entire process from start to finish, ensuring a smooth transition from one step to the next.

Using our nationwide network of providers, CRG can coordinate services wherever you have employees. CRG continually tracks laboratory turnaround times to make sure test results are available when you need them. All test results are maintained in the CRG database for future reference and can be accessed at any time. CRG is capable of generating monthly, quarterly, and annual statistical summaries of all testing to provide an overall snapshot of your substance abuse testing program.

What does enrollment in PAS include?

Certificate of Enrollment

Donor Pool Management
• Employee database maintenance
• Random donor selections with audit trails

Collection Site Coordination
• Network of collection sites with more than 14,000 providers nationwide
• On-site services available in most areas

Laboratory TestingDrilling Rig
• DHHS Certified Laboratory Testing
• Adulterant Testing
• GC/MS Confirmation Testing
• Continual monitoring of laboratory testing to ensure timely result reporting
• Complete Medical Review Officer (MRO) Service
• Alcohol Testing by Certified Technicians

Result Reporting / Data Management
• E-mail or fax result reporting options
• Monthly / Quarterly statistical summaries and 3rd party compliance reporting (DISA, National Compliance, etc.)
• Annual DOT MIS Reports • Total DOT Compliance

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Physical Exams

Doctor checking woman blood pressure

Evaluating the physical condition of applicants and employees can help build a healthier, more productive workforce and minimize work-related injuries.

Whether you need a basic workplace physical, FMCSA Driver Fitness for Duty Exam, or a detailed, job-specific exam, CRG can help ensure your applicants and employees are healthy enough to go to work.

Physical Exam Services
-Health History
-Detailed Physical Examination
-Vision Screening
-Carpel Tunnel Exam
-Musculoskeletal Exam

Functional Capacity Testing Job-specific screening challenges to ensure the employee possesses the physical capabilities to perform the essential functions of their job. These can be customized for each client based on written job descriptions.

Pulmonary Function Testing – OSHA Respirator Medical Questionnaire Review
Qualitative Respirator Fit Testing
TB Skin Testing
Flu Shots
Hepatitis Vaccine Series and Exposure Testing also available

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Background Checksbackground check pic

Verifying information about an applicant’s history can serve as a tremendous tool in identifying potential problems before your bring them on board. CRG offers a wide selection of Background Check Services designed to both screen applicants as well as provide periodic monitoring of existing employees.

  • County, Statewide, and National Background Checks
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Sex and Violent Offenders Checks
  • Employment and Education Verification
  • Credit Checks
  • Motor Vehicle Record Searches
  • DOT Driver History Checks

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